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We gave up Tobacco .... so that you could give up Nicotine.

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Bravo® makes quitting easy!

Here is everything you need to know :

BRAVO® is the only clinically tested non-nicotine smoking product in the world today. BRAVO®, made from the leaves of pure healthy lettuce, looks like a cigarette, is packaged like a cigarette, draws like a cigarette and tastes (well pretty close) like a cigarette, but ... BRAVO® does not contain any tobacco and is nicotine free.

BravoSmokes wishes to extend a special discount to active and retired Veterans.

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Bravo News:

Claudia Raia embraces "cigarros de alface"

Due to the popular Brazillian actress Claudia Raia starting to use Bravo's lettuce cigarettes (cigarros de alface as they are known in Brazil), we're now shipping a lot of cartons to Brazil. We congratulate Claudia Raia for working hard to kick her tobacco and nicotine habits, and wish the best of success to the rest of our Brazillian customers too!

Bravo Smokes Corporation is an employee-owned company.