A Day in the Life of an Employee at Altius Dispensary

Typically, a day in the life of an employee at Altius Dispensary involves more than just managing cannabis products. It’s about making connections, educating people about the benefits and safety of cannabis products, and ensuring that Altius is the trusted go-to dispensary for people in Mundelein, IL, Waukegan, IL and beyond.

Starting The Day

My workday usually starts early. This involves checking and restocking our product line, ensuring our dispensary reflects a welcoming environment for those who visit. As someone who had little knowledge of cannabis products before working at Altius, learning and understanding the vast range of products has been a vital part of my job.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds, each with unique needs. Whether it’s for medicinal use or recreational, I valued the training Altius provided me to confidently discuss and recommend products that suit an individual’s needs.

Greeting Customer and Educating Them

The interaction with customers is what truly brightens my day. I feel accomplished when I can help someone discover the perfect cannabis product that aligns with their needs and preferences. We prioritize education for all of our customers, and I’m proud to be part of a team that takes this seriously. We want everyone who visits us to leave feeling knowledgeable and empowered about their choices.

Our customers range from seasoned professionals to cannabis newcomers. However, everyone gets the same treatment – a welcoming, judgement-free environment that is focused on their needs, safety, and satisfaction.

An Inviting Atmosphere

At Altius, we take pride in creating a welcoming space for all our customers. We are more than just a dispensary; we aim to be a community hub where people can learn about the benefits of cannabis, ask questions, and feel comfortable listening to recommendations by our knowledgeable staff. We strive to reflect this inviting atmosphere in all our stores, including those in Mundelein, IL, and Waukegan, IL.

Working at Altius Dispensary has been more than just a job; it’s an avenue to educate myself about a growing industry while assisting those who need the benefits of cannabis products all while promoting a safe and responsible usage. We strive for every day to become a reliable source for all cannabis needs across IL, and I’m proud to be part of that commitment.