A Glimpse Into the Day-to-Day Life at Amber Shay Dental

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite local dentist provider, ponder no more. Welcome to a virtual tour into a day in the life of an employee at Amber Shay Dental – where smiles are not just our job, but our passion.

Beginning of the Day

The day at Amber Shay Dental starts bright and early. We always make sure everything is in place and ready for our first patient. This involves sterilizing tools, preparing the treatment rooms, setting up necessary equipment, and ensuring all our patients’ records are good to go. It is our utmost priority to ensure a clean, hygienic, and calming environment for our patients.

At Amber Shay Dental, every single day is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. We meet a plethora of patients each requiring unique treatments – from general checkups to further examinations. It’s our responsibility to ensure we provide the best dental examination and the finest dental healthcare facilities to our valued patients.

Lunchtime Interactions

During lunch breaks, when not chatting about the latest series on Netflix, we discuss various cases that have intrigued or challenged us. Interactive conversations like these not only help build strong teams, but also stimulate a constant learning environment. We believe in maintaining an atmosphere that encourages learning, mutual respect, and camaraderie.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working at Amber Shay Dental is the interaction with our patients. We believe that it’s essential to communicate effectively, understand their concerns, make them feel comfortable, provide them an excellent service and educate them about their dental health.

Wrapping up the Day

Post our last appointment, it’s time to tidy up and get ready for the next day. The reception area, lobby, and dentists’ cabins are all thoroughly cleaned. All the medical equipment used throughout the day is sterilized to maintain hygiene. Patient records are updated, and upcoming appointments are compiled for the following day.

Despite the challenging and busy schedule, working at Amber Shay Dental gives us a sense of fulfillment that is unmatchable. We work every day towards our goal of improving oral health and creating a community that is aware of the importance of the same.

Looking to book your next dental exam or need general dentistry services? Look no further than Amber Shay Dental. Here, patient satisfaction and comfort is our utmost priority. We look forward to serving you!