An Unforgettable Adventure Near Valley Wellness

If you’re planning a visit to the stunning Valley Wellness, undoubtedly one of the finest medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Somers, you should pair your visit with the exciting world that surrounds it. Not only does Somers offer a unique cannabis experience but also a host of adventurous activities that we’re going to explore in this guide.

Discover the Somers Historical Society Museum

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting the Somers Historical Society Museum, where you’ll be able to learn more about the rich history of the town. This museum offers visitors an in-depth look at Somers’ roots, all the way back to its inception. It’s both an informative and enjoyable experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Taste Your Way Through Elephant Trunk Flea Market

Every antiques lover’s dream, the Elephant Trunk Flea Market is a must-visit spot for unique, vintage finds. The market is a delightful blend of old-meets-new, with yard-sale goods mingling with food stalls for an exciting shopping experience. Savor delicious local foods while hunting for hidden treasures in this popular venue.

Get Closer to Nature at the Pawling Nature Reserve

For those who appreciate the splendor of the outdoors, make a stop at the Pawling Nature Reserve. This serene reserve offers hikers a multitude of trails, leading to stunning viewpoints, peaceful picnic spots, and picturesque landscapes. It’s the perfect way to escape the buzz of the city.

Take advantage of your visit to Valley Wellness Dispensary and expand your experience beyond its doors. Make sure to visit these fantastic spots, making your trip to Somers an unforgettable adventure.