The High Road to “Oops 404”: A P37 Cannabis Tale

At P37 Cannabis, we’re masters at growing potent plants and rolling perfect joints. Even so, we still encounter our own “high” moments.

Our Technicolor Trip Down the Digital Rabbit Hole

Recently, we witnessed our evergreen home on San Mateo Blvd Albuquerque become a mysterious maze with a cheeky “Oops, page not found” sign. Ah, the infamous 404 error! It was like a digital ghost that floated around, poofing into existence at random!

But don’t panic folks. We weren’t puffing our own product on the job (not this time, at least). We took it as an adventure. Like Alice down Wonderland, we explored the kinks and quirks of our website. Coding became cooler than a bong hit, and boy, did we get lost in the digital forest for a minute or two!

We Rolled it and Smokin’ It!

Like a good joint, we rolled up our digital issues nicely. We took the “Oops, page not found” as a friendly nudge from the Universe to spruce up our cyber greenland. Now, after all that, we’re ecstatic to deliver a smoother surfing experience to you. Join the P37 tribe, and bask in the joy of finding exactly what you need!